July 04, 2005


Everybody says I am Arjun

I didn't know, Mahabharat's Arjun is a very popular figure among politicians cutting across rival parties.

Ajit Jogi said, "Just as in the Mahabharata, when Arjun could not be defeated, Abhimanyu was trapped by his enemies in the `chakravyuh'. My rivals and opponents in different political parties, knowing that they will not be able to defeat Arjun(Ajit Jogi), are now targeting Abhimanyu (Amit Jogi)"

Err... Isn't he the same, who was caught on the wrong side of law and suspended from the party?

(BTW, where is Mr. Judeo?)

Another occasion, another person, another quote.

"I have been passing through the same phase as Arjun," Lal Krishna Advani said , and so instead of running away he had decided that "one must stand by one's convictions."

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