July 31, 2005


Fish plates and brakes

From last few years, for almost every rail accident, the Ministers are religiously giving a ingenious reason of missing fish plates [1].

Now our Civil Aviation Minister says, the plane went off the runway since "pilot did not brake hard" [2]. He goes on giving some ridiculous reasons, "runways were submerged due to the heavy rains, the highly-sophisticated electronic instrument landing system and navigational aids were under water and slush." What sophistication you are talking about, Sir? I just hope that our honourable PM doesn't say, "They did a good job." The runway can be made little longer if vote-bank politics makes a way for some sensible and precautionary measures and our neta-log bite the bullet by removing the slums on airport's land.

Seriously, the last thing India wants is a screaming headline "Air India Plane Skids off Runway, over 300 die" on http://news.google.com with a link to all "1,858 related ยป". This news has potential to wipe out whatever little positive reputation India has at the world stage. India will just be laughing stock of whole world who would say, "Guys, before begging for UNSC seat, why don't you take care of your citizens at home?"

Yes, I am in a cynically pessimistic mood right now, but if some abnormal rain can cause such a havoc and power-that-be continue to behave as if nothing has happened, what choices I am left with?

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[2] A-I pilot did not brake hard: Patel

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