July 31, 2005


Important disclaimer

To check today's rainfall in Mumbai, I visited the site of India Meteorological Department, Regional Meteorological Centre, Colaba, Mumbai (India). The disclaimer on this site, I must say, was one of the most reckless I have ever seen. It goes like this.
Access to the works and information contained in this site is provided as a public service by the Regional Meteorological Centre, Mumbai (RMC), with the understanding that the RMC makes no warranties, either express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, currency or suitability of the information. Nor does the RMC warrant that use of the works is free of any claims of copyright infringement.
This can be read as "We are doing a BIG favour by posting few numbers on this site. Don't expect too much, you bugger."

So next time you hear rumours about tsunami, cyclone, earthquake or other natural disaster in Mumbai, you have to use your gut feel to decide the course of action. Any official denials from RMC should not be taken as gospel since they do not guarantee "accuracy, completeness or reliability" of this information.

So what is the whole purpose of putting up this site? To serve as warm-up sessions for some 7-year old HTML coder?

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