July 04, 2005


Just eye candy?

Steven Spielberg's latest sci-fi flick, War of Worlds, is mere eye candy without any real stuff. I was definitely expecting another Minority Report (from Spielberg, not Cruise). It was not disappointing, but neither did it give "Wow" moment. Some of the special effects were beautiful, thanks to DreamWorks team. Recycling some of the ideas from Saving Private Ryan and Minority Report is good, but I would ask more bang for the buck from Spielberg.

I have personal bias against Tom Cruise. He kept me wondering if his arrogance in the movie was by design or he was playing himself. He ruins a fantastic role. Tim Robbins does a great job in small role.

I can sense part 2 and part 3 in the offing. I just hope Tom Cruise doesn't play a Neo and Save the World(TM).

Warning: This movie is not for kids. It has some disturbing scenes.

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