July 31, 2005


New book and Music

Last week I read The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki, entrepreneur and a VC. This book is a handy guide to wannabe entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs. Why was I reading this book? Quick answer would be, it was lying in the office. My only connection with startup is that I work for one. I thought it would dish out some gyan which is meant for employees of startup. It proved to be worth every dollar and, definitely, my time spent. I am not going write any elaborate reviews on the book.

One thing that struck me the most is his illustration of how every single... I mean, every damn single....startup talks about market opportunity of $50 Billion waiting to be captured. He analyzes it quite nicely using...err, common sense and some dry humour.

2-3 years back, I got an opportunity to read 4 business plans from India's one of the biggest Business Plan competition, each of them having more than 75 pages! All of them talked of no less than $40 Billion market size. These plans were written by people whose brief resume was very impressive. Kawasaki is bang on the head when he says everybody, including some of the smartest of all, fall into this trap. You may read his interesting graduation speech, before you venture out for his book.

Mahesh has tagged me, and I am supposed to write about books I own, like, dislike. But, till the time, C by Dennis Ritchie remains in my top 5 favourite books, I will believe I have not read enough books.

New music:
Mangal Pandey - The Rising and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (Not new, but I listened recently):
Though you can listen music there are no songs which you can hum or remember after few years. The title song of Mangal Pandey is a haunting composition.

Asha by Asha Bhosale:
Asha Bhosale at her versatile best. "Aaj jaane ki.." should become a big hit. Or it, already, is?

Kaash by Hariharan:
Good album. Will need few more sessions, before I can identify all the ghazals.

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