July 15, 2005


A not-so-great tribute

One of my friend is a Tendulkar fan(atic.) Every time Tendulkar walks in for batting, my friend has only one small wish - Tendulkar should score a century. Every single time. Same thing happens with me while watching Ram Gopal Verma's (RGV) movie. I just want it to be as good as, if not better than, Satya. But, this time again, with Sarkar, my desires remained just desires.

A lot has been already written on connection between Sarkar and The Godfather. If you start comparing RGV's latest adventure, with The Godfather, you'll be in for disappointment and more of it - in spite of having a talented team in play! Comparing one of the all-time great movies with a copy of it, is unfair and insulting. Unfair for Sarkar and insulting for Godfather. It didn't give me that can't-wait-to-watch-it-again feeling.

Here is a note about what I liked and disliked about Sarkar.
To sum, I would just say, Sarkar is a better effort than recent Hum Tum (a shoddy copy of When Harry Met Sally.) But, then, this is on expected lines given the fact that RGV loves to talk about cinema and Chopras talk about entertainment.

PS: Just read that Saif has bagged National Award for Hum Tum! Directors like RGV will continue to carry big burden of our expectations. Please continue to give us more actors who will stand out in the crowd of these stars.

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