July 29, 2005


Older than expected.

My worst fears have come true. This slashdot story (Email is for old people) just vindicated my fears which, till now, I used to shrug off as some random schizophrenic hallucinations. It hurts me more because I quit IM some 3 years back. Initial euphoria about IM dried when I found very little value in exchanging "R U there?" message 27.3% of the time (YMMV).

Recently, when my colleague asked for my IM id to add in his list. He nearly fell out of chair when I said, I don't use IM, thereby revealing my uncoolness quotient. Then his next curious question was, "So, how do you communicate? You.....talk?"

Forwards and SMSes are another reasons which constantly remind me of my age.

When I receive the General Motors and Vanilla Ice Cream story for 3,445th time, I feel I should just log off the net for few years. Or that Microsoft paying $231 for each forwarded message. And those badly written poems about (mostly idle) software engineer's life. That 1 MB ppt with beautiful pictures and messages about life/friendship/inspiration. The chronology for such messages was I-liked, It's-boring, It's-crap and finally Don't-hog-my-mailbox-you-idiot (pre-gmail era). Now-a-days, I just delete those mails without any emotions.

Meanwhile, I continue to use IM vicariously. For some instant, small message, I type it in the subject line ending with an EOM (End-of-Message marker) . And I find it annoying if somebody replies in more than 5 words.

Of course, my monthly cell phone bill performs its duty of reminding me of my age by sincerely showing the volume of SMS to a grand total of lower single digit.

This makes a great reading. You have meticulously put down the thoughts. Not a word here and there. And of course, I agree in total with everything. Myself stopped using messenger few days back.
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