August 07, 2005


Loyalty, anyone?

I read this[1] article with amusement. It talks about how big IT companies, in India, are aggressive about hiring freshers.
Good salary can only be a part of the package used to lure them, but companies don't miss opportunities to show off their swank campuses and facilities.
Just 4 lines before, article says,
Insiders say many students have upto two offer letters besides a dream job offer to chose from besides the offers they could be getting from outside the campus.
If my limited experience is anything to go by, I would say most, if not all, of the freshers will ditch companies paying lower salary. Even when the difference is as low as 10%, which in absolute numbers translates to couple of thousands per month! All the swanky campuses are great, but most of the IT companies already have that. So, nobody gets brownie points for showing off their facilities. Unless you have something like THIS[2]!

If the HR folks consider that sending Birthday Card is a cool idea, God help them. They are living in Alice's Wonderland. According to a friend, candidates take job offers as causal dating. You can leave it after initial chit-chat without any emotions, let alone guilt.

And the targets are massive.
The top two vendors, Infosys and TCS alone will hire 33,000 employees in the rest of the year.
If 33,000 is net addition, then total hiring number goes up again. Assuming a extra-conservative 10% attrition, total strength of both companies together at 90,000, this number shoots up to 42,000.

I distinctly remember, just a few years back Infosys' selection ratio was 1 in 100. With such number-driven hiring targets, who bothers about such out-dated ratios?

[1] I'm Infosys 3rd year.

[2] Keyword: chefs

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