August 23, 2005


Sheer coincidence?!

"Chinese Cryptologists Get Invitations to a U.S. Conference, but No Visas", reports NYT[1]. Of the nine Chinese researchers, only one was granted visa!

Three years back, Arthur Jaffe, President of the Clay Mathematical Institute (CMI), said following in the annual award ceremony [2]
When the Scientific Advisory Board of CMI decided to recommend that Agrawal receive the Research Award, I invited his students (now in the first few months of their graduate study, but already world-famous) to accompany Agrawal to this meeting. Unfortunately, about three weeks ago, the US State Department denied their visa application, stating that they gave insufficient proof that after their one-week visit to the United States, they would return to India! It is not clear that this is really the outcome best for the US!
Prof Agrawal and his two students, Kayal and Saxena, had published a landmark algorithm in number theory.

The stricter visa norms are also reflected by decline in international student intake in 2003-04.[3]


[1] NYT registration-free link.

[2] Remarks by Arthur Jaffe at the CMI Annual Meeting

[3] International students in USA

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