September 16, 2005


Great scoop. Now what?

When Hindustan Times launched their Mumbai edition in mid-July, they created hoopla with story of Salman Khan tapes. It generated good amount of publicity for the newspaper and the we-are-here word was passed around. Now the forensic lab says the voice samples of the Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai did not match with the recorded call.

Will HT go an extra mile to prove their credibility? Or the whole of purpose of the scoop was to generate (cheap and free) publicity, which has, now, been achieved and the story doesn't hold any value in it?

"I am ordering a high-level probe to find out who had doctored them and from where they were procured," - Mumbai Commissioner of Police, A N Roy.

Google news for any "Salman tapes" from Hindustan Times shows zero results. HT in the hiding or silently putting on their gloves?

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