September 19, 2005



India was up for sale in 1970s! The to-be-released book The Mitrokhin Archive II: The KGB and the World would like to tell the world about our politicos.

Though the Left would like to tell us that this "Book is no more than a spy thriller penned by an English writer who wants to make money", Indian Express tells us that the book is "based on classified material smuggled to the West in 1992 by Soviet defector Vasili Mitrokhin."

Read the extract from the chapter on India. I am resisting the temptation of putting some of the quotable quotes from this.

CPM plans to sue the author of the book and Indian Express - for the article linked above, I think. Also, the CPM wants a revised edition of the book before it hits stand. Alas, they were the history text books which could be modified, altered beyond recognition, tainted with current idealogy, with the power of 60-odd MPs in Parliament.

It was just yesterday when Mr Bardhan of CPI said, "There will be no demand to ban the book. Let this book come, let people read political thrillers." 24 Hrs defintely long time in politics!

Today's editorial in Indian Express asks [the Govt] to face this shameful event.

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