September 01, 2005


When headlines tell different story

Event: ABN Amro Bank awards a € €1.8 billion (US$ 2.2 billion) contract for IT services to five vendors. These vendors, in alphabetical order, are Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Patni Computers and TCS. Now here are 3 headlines for this event.
Details of the event: Out of this $2.2 billion IBM gets $ 1.8 billion, TCS $ 246 million, Infosys $140 million, Rest remaining $$.

The first headline is outright misleading. This brazen lie wants you to convey that TCS and Infosys have walked away with a deal worth half-their annual revenue. You will not get any prize for guessing the source[1] of this news.

Second headline[2] is an honest assessment and epitomizes the event. IBM is going to make the big bucks from right now, even as ABN Amro expects it will save €€ 600 million from 2007 onwards[3].

Third one is clearly from an Indian news source[4]. Who else will put a giant, which will make 75% of money, as "others" and belittle its achievement? Pseudo patriotism at its best.

All said and done, it is great to know that the Indian companies are slowly picking up large contracts.


[1] Yellow journalism on pink paper

[2] ZDNet News

[3] Reuters

[4] Hindu Business Line

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