September 25, 2005


You can preach. Shamelessly!

From past couple of weeks, an ad appears on third page of Indian Express in a fixed format. The bottom line of all these ads say (in verbatim - capitalization not mine)
If we are not part of the SOLUTION, then we are the PROBLEM.
Every ad carries a sentence, which, presumably, author wants to convey as message. These lines change everyday. Here are a few.

A minor detail, which can be missed out, is a © mark for all these sentences indicating they are copy-righted.

Then the author signs with a grandeur - Shiv Khera, International Educator.

Oh...wait. Isn't he the same guy whom Outlook tore apart for his sophisticated plagiarization? After being exposed for indulging in such a shameful act, how can somebody pronounce to hold high moral and ethical ground? Hm... I smell a politician in the making.

When I read You can win for the first time I was impressed. Blame it to my teenage nature! (Those were the days when I liked Titanic.) But now, the only category I classify these self-help and inspirational books, albeit little charitably, is utter crap. (Same goes for Titanic.)

Read somewhere. In India, copy-right means right to copy.

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