December 30, 2005


You know stock market is in bull phase...

... when you see such mails on the mailing lists.
I m new in this group i want to earn money from share market but i
dont now how to invest n where to invest so that i get maximum profit

can u help me to know more about investment

or can u suggest any share for investment lower value shares

thank you,
Thanks to policy makers, market watchdogs, FIIs flush with $$$, market operators, day traders, articulate tipsters appearing on message boards and business channels, and finally, the media glorifying all these elements, common man thinks that stock market is a casino where you miss out on the ambiance but make that up with 40% returns on your money.

December 27, 2005


This Time and That Time

December 27, 2005:
Mayawati acts tough, expels four BSP MPs : Indian Express

"It is not only a violation of social and legal foundations of our country but also an act of immorality" : Mayawati
March 06, 2003:
‘Bhai saara mat khao, BSP ne MLA, MP banaya, ek lakh lao’ : Mayawati

December 22, 2005


Is it evil?

Generally, a forward lives in my mailbox only for a few minutes. Such mails hit a dead-end when they arrive in Inbox. But, I going to send this one to all my friends.

google 2084

I do not have any copyright information. If you know the source, let me know. I'll attribute it accordingly.

Shame on me. I did not even bother to google for "google 2084". This was published in NYT. Randy Siegel is the creator of this art. Original link here. I've also changed the source of the image. Now, it is directly linked to NYT.

This was published on 10th of October. Why does such good stuff remains away for so long? Or is it the sign that I don't exist in lot of address books anymore? Hmm... time to give a thought to the PR strategy.

December 18, 2005


User interface of Cell phones

All my friends, who bought their second non-Nokia cell phone (first one was a Nokia without exception), always swear by the unmatched User Interface (UI) of Nokia phones. I had to accept their judgments as I did not had any counter arguments. My limited interaction with phone comes only to make/receive calls, add new entry, and set alarm. This limited usage is hardly sufficient to give an expert opinion.

But yesterday, when a friend of mine wanted more than a dozen contact numbers, I realized how painful the UI is. To add one name and number to the message, I had to do the following.
This was a mind-numbingly painful exercise. After inserting few names, I got back my senses. I sent rest of the names by e-mail.

There is an option of Send Business Card (abbreviated as Send Bus. Card) to send contact number by SMS, but that works only with Nokia phones. And, I gave up after it failed couple of times with Nokia recipients.

Any thoughts on how to send contact numbers quickly?

To the curious souls: This was done with Nokia 6225.


Convenient moral standards

When a sting operation reveled Member of Parliaments accepting bribes for asking questions, the political parties lost no time to suspend the MPs involved. Cutting across multiple ideologies, the suspension gives us a false feeling that all the political parties have a zero-tolerance policy to corruption.

Last time all the parties agreed on a single matter was some three years back. Honourable Supreme Court made it mandatory for candidates contesting Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and assembly election to disclose their criminal, financial background and educational qualifications. Respecting the judgment Election Commission gave powers to returning officers to reject applications not complying these terms. NDA govt came up with a bill to nullify this directive. The bill also sought to reject applications of the candidates only if the person has committed TWO "heinous" crimes. Earlier cap of one was too low, it seems. And, what is a "heinous crime"? Murder, rape, treason, kidnapping for ransom, dacoity, dacoity with murder, drug-smuggling and "causing death by terrorist acts"!

So the MPs can commit a "heinous crime" and still need not worry about being debarred from electoral process. But once they make it to LS or RS, political parties want them to observe highest standards ethics in public life.

A recent study showed a large number of MLAs in Bihar, again, spanning all the parties, have fearful criminal records. But that does not prevent BJP and the likes to show such fake sense of morality.

On a related note, I believe the entire sting operation was a useless exercise. When so much data about the past background of MPs, MLAs is in the public domain, it hardly makes sense to spend "eight months and lakhs of rupees" to add a footnote in their already tainted careers.

Remember Ajit Jogi? He was expelled from the party for much graver crime. But Congress has magnanimously absolved him of all the wrongdoings. He is among the higher echelons of the party. Remember Judeo? He is enjoying the inertia of law enforcing agencies. The shelf life of this sting operation would be less than a month which, I think, is two weeks more than it actually deserves.

December 08, 2005



ICICI Bank's second Initial Public Offer (IPO) was oversubscribed by nine times. Only hitch, in otherwise glowing numbers of overseas over-subscription, is retail portion went under-subscribed - even after giving incentives like 5% discount on offer price and option to pay only in part, instead of usual 100% upfront, with application.

(Chart from Copyrights with Yahoo.)

Just two years back, ICICI had raised money through IPO. The epitome of earlier story -
Circa 2005.
The general myth that IPO allotment means a winning lottery ticket has been broken multiple times in the current bull run. Let's see if this stock gives a feeling of déjà vu to the investor in coming months.

SEBI had struck down heavily on the practice of mutual funds to use the term IPO for new schemes. Now, they are called New Fund Offer (NFO). Same yardstick should be applied to equity markets and only the first offer from companies be called IPO.

The chart gets updated every day and shows last performance over last two year. Instead of linking the chart directly, I have uploaded the image on this site and linking that image.


If you are in Delhi...

.... you may wish to attend the NDTV's "We, the people" discussing corruption in India in the context of Manjunath's murder.

I received the following mail on a group.
NDTV (a popular news channel in India) has organized an edition of their program - 'We, the People' in which they will debate 'Corruption in India' and its impact on 'our bright people like those from IITs & IIMs' - taking a lead from Manjunath.

This program is being shot at New Delhi on Sunday, 11/1105 at 4:30 pm IST, at NDTV's studios in New Delhi - folks from IITs and IIMs are invited to attend and participate in the debate.

For queries, suggestions and/or for confirming your participation, please write to (please mention in your subject line "11/11 4:30 pm production of 'We, the People' ".

One may also call Ms Rabea Khan at her India number +91 11 514 33343.
Disclaimer: I have not verified the correctness of the information given above, since I have fair degree of confidence in credibility of the group. Also, I believe, being an IIT and/or IIM alumnus is a desirable qualification, not mandatory.

December 05, 2005


What is a blog?

According to this slashdot comment,
Blog = Google topic + Paste links + Add opinions from my over inflated ego
I am surprised to see +3 Funny moderation instead of +5 Insightful.


December 04, 2005


More on Manjunath

Manjunath's classmate, Akhil, writes in Outlook. And his father writes the column India Empowered in Indian Express. Quoting no excerpts as both articles are a must read in entirety.

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