December 08, 2005


If you are in Delhi...

.... you may wish to attend the NDTV's "We, the people" discussing corruption in India in the context of Manjunath's murder.

I received the following mail on a group.
NDTV (a popular news channel in India) has organized an edition of their program - 'We, the People' in which they will debate 'Corruption in India' and its impact on 'our bright people like those from IITs & IIMs' - taking a lead from Manjunath.

This program is being shot at New Delhi on Sunday, 11/1105 at 4:30 pm IST, at NDTV's studios in New Delhi - folks from IITs and IIMs are invited to attend and participate in the debate.

For queries, suggestions and/or for confirming your participation, please write to (please mention in your subject line "11/11 4:30 pm production of 'We, the People' ".

One may also call Ms Rabea Khan at her India number +91 11 514 33343.
Disclaimer: I have not verified the correctness of the information given above, since I have fair degree of confidence in credibility of the group. Also, I believe, being an IIT and/or IIM alumnus is a desirable qualification, not mandatory.

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