December 22, 2005


Is it evil?

Generally, a forward lives in my mailbox only for a few minutes. Such mails hit a dead-end when they arrive in Inbox. But, I going to send this one to all my friends.

google 2084

I do not have any copyright information. If you know the source, let me know. I'll attribute it accordingly.

Shame on me. I did not even bother to google for "google 2084". This was published in NYT. Randy Siegel is the creator of this art. Original link here. I've also changed the source of the image. Now, it is directly linked to NYT.

This was published on 10th of October. Why does such good stuff remains away for so long? Or is it the sign that I don't exist in lot of address books anymore? Hmm... time to give a thought to the PR strategy.

Very interesting. I think they should also google for the latest best blogs which would save a lot of time and energy.
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