December 18, 2005


User interface of Cell phones

All my friends, who bought their second non-Nokia cell phone (first one was a Nokia without exception), always swear by the unmatched User Interface (UI) of Nokia phones. I had to accept their judgments as I did not had any counter arguments. My limited interaction with phone comes only to make/receive calls, add new entry, and set alarm. This limited usage is hardly sufficient to give an expert opinion.

But yesterday, when a friend of mine wanted more than a dozen contact numbers, I realized how painful the UI is. To add one name and number to the message, I had to do the following.
This was a mind-numbingly painful exercise. After inserting few names, I got back my senses. I sent rest of the names by e-mail.

There is an option of Send Business Card (abbreviated as Send Bus. Card) to send contact number by SMS, but that works only with Nokia phones. And, I gave up after it failed couple of times with Nokia recipients.

Any thoughts on how to send contact numbers quickly?

To the curious souls: This was done with Nokia 6225.

Use an IR port?
IR works only when another cell is nearby (within a distance of few feet).
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