February 06, 2006


But, why me?

Two years back, when a colleague showed his shining new Gmail account, I was terribly jealous. I read its reviews on slashdot and zdnet and built a castle of thoughts on how I will use every feature. But it just added to the trauma.

Within few days, finally, the invitation arrived in my mailbox. With the price tag, I must mention, set by the benefactor. Since those were still the early days, I got the login name same as my first name. Although I would have liked just "shashi", since people (especially from South) tend to replace "t" with a "th". Nevertheless, I was in the "I am feeling lucky" state for getting good ID in spite of not-so-uncommon name. Finally, I had an ID which people could easily remember. Within an year, the box of "50 invitations left" started appearing and almost every person in my address book had a gmail Id. Cool, I said.

But, few months back I started noticing a peculiar problem. I started getting mails which were probably meant for shashikant[0-n].

Till the date, I have received prices of winter wear from an export company, lots and lots of forwards from a dude working in ...where else?... a software company, furniture designs for an office in Pune, invitation meant for an ONGC employee to a conference in Hyderabad, account statement of mutual fund investment from CAMS. Most of the time, I have been a good netizen and replied politely in a "i-am-not-the-shashikant-you-are-looking-for" fashion. Except that software bozo, who just spammed me to hell even after repeated reminders!

But today, I was in for a surprise. I received two mails - both of which were in response to a matrimonial ad published somewhere on this planet. One from the wanna-be-bride and one from the father of WBB. Again, I had to wear that online politeness mask and reply.

In snail mail, you can get away with multiple typos without even worrying about wrong delivery. But in online world, the best thing would be a bounced mail. But, if it goes to wrong mailbox.... Well, then one has to pray to God for recipients like me. Apparently, people don't seem to care much about this. Till the date, I have received only one single mail (CAMS case) thanking me for the civilized behaviour. I suspect, that was also because it was in the job description of the customer service agent. Swamy Something says, Bhalai ka jamaana hi nahi raha...

Update: As expected, none of the two replied. Now, today I received one more. With a pic.
With reference to your advertisement in the newspaper, I hereby send the biodata and a photograph of my daughter. If you find it suitable then kindly respond at my email address with a photograph of your son.
Hmm... Some clues, finally.

This time, if I don't receive a "thank-you" note, I am planning to play an ugly prank. I am running out of patience.

I don't know why but I am reminded of a quote from 'The Gods must be crazy'. It goes something like this, 'Man is continuously trying to build tools that make his life easier, in turn making it more and more complicated.'

-- Ashutosh (Hope you remember) Joshi :)
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