February 16, 2006


Some blood is more equal than other

Sanjay Rathi, Chief Accounts Officer of Akola Municipal Corporation, committed suicide as he could not bear the corruption in the civic body.

Praveen Gedam, the young commissioner of Jalgaon, takes on a large number of members of local civic body in the mega housing scam. He single-handedly prepares a 850-page report to nail the culprits.

Sujan Saha, an engineer working for GAIL, and two labourers are killed by militants in Tripura.

One common thread which runs in all of the above events is that they get almost no attention in the media. Most of the time a PTI report is published faithfully by all - just like any other story from PTI. I am fine with these stories being printed in the corner as fillers, since majority of space needs to be given to celebrity gossips and sensex.

Now, the words IIT and/or IIM to the resume of above people. Will these stories still occupy the most inconspicuous space of the newspaper? No way! "IITian shot down by militants" makes far more catchy headline than "GAIL engineer shot down by militants." The blogsphere (or whatever illusionary thing bloggers call) is full of self-righteous people who are quite eloquant about the rot in the "System." Google's blogsearch tells me even they are fairly selective on highlighting the topics. (Please don't argue that Google's blogsearch is relatively poor.)

Everybody - in MSM and blogsphere - just can't stop gushing about the reel life heroes (street gundas for me!) from Rang De Basanti, real life heroes have no takers. What is the word for this behaviour... yeah... hypocrisy. Politicians are not only species infected with this virus.

This brings me to the question - does one's blood need the plasma of ivy league degree for it to be counted?

I hate to put this disclaimer, but I must do it as a matter of decency. This post, by no means, belittles the Manjunaths and Satyendras of India.

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