July 06, 2006


Happy Journey (provided you know when it starts)

I was mildly shocked when I did not find the usual train numbers on my train tickets. But the name of the train was correct. At the bottom right, the fine print said, New Time Table from 01-07-2006. Few years back, I was curious when I first discovered that the train ticket doesn't carry the departure time. But with this change, missing departure time was absolutely irritating.

With quick search for Indian train ticket images, I landed on this page. Here is the image (just in case the original vanishes.)

First thing I notice is the remarkable similarity of this ticket with the current ticket. That means, in last 13 years, nobody has given a passing thought to restructuring the information on this ticket. At least, 13 years! I'm the believer of Don't-fix-if-it-ain't-broke wisdom. But, one of the sensible things, the departure time, was there in 1993 (see bottom-right corner AT 0915). Why sudden loss of prudence over time?

"The more things change, the more they remain the same " or progress is the exchange of one kind of problem for another. Not only tickets, you should look at some of our stupid laws. They are long obsolete but god alone knows when they shall be repealed.

I'm sure there will be lot of people who may support the archaic laws. And changing those will be a long process. But, there will be an absolute unanimity on printing of departure time.
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