July 31, 2006



As a lot has been written about Omkara, I will put some quick notes.
All said and done, I'm watching this movie once again.

Minor correction: It was " Shart Ghodo pe lagayi jaati hain Sheron pe nahi".

btw, I couldn't catch the dilogues in the truck scene.

Can you indite for me? :P

Once I came across a list of movies having highest number of f-words, and Martin Scorcese's Casion and GoodFellas were there. but the the movie topped the list was some latest movie(2005). will send the link if I happen to come across again. :)
I meant Casino not Casion .
On the truck, Omi makes an offer to the guy to take the blank cheque, write the amount he wants and get out of the election business. The guy lets the cheque fly away. And says, "Maare naseeb mein aaram ki nahi haram ki kamai likhi hain."
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