July 23, 2006


Yun Hota To Kya Hota

No spoilers ahead....

The film's claim to fame is Naseeruddin Shah's debut venture as a film director. The promo of the movie said "Four stories... One dream... One destination. America." My limited movie databases pointed to bunch of movies with similar theme. One end was Ram Gopal Verma's Darna Manaa Hain (I didn't watch Darna Zaroori Hain) where the different stories are not connected, though story tellers are a group of friends. At the other end, I had Oscar Winner Crash and Magnolia on mind, where different stories are strongly connected. Yun Hota.. has four unrelated stories which bump into each other, as you might have guessed it, in the last reel. The stories are connected to a single event. The movie also has the touch of Fargo where small things go wrong and what you see is the Butterfly Effect.

This movie is extremely watchable not just for a different subject, but for the mature treatment of the subject. The superlative performances of Paresh Rawal and Konkana Sen-Sharma stand out without shadowing the rest of the team. Naseeruddin Shah has managed to get a big team of talented people. Music has been used thoughtfully with pieces of one song being played during entire movie.

Uttam Gada, the writer of film, created storm of a sort by claiming the director has modified large part of the original script. He has put the original script on his site. When I went over the script quickly, after watching the movie, I strongly felt Naseeruddin Shah has done justice the script. After all, one cannot just pick the script and make a full-length movie out of it. Especially when the original script has stale jokes which were circulated on web some 3 years back. Finally, it is always the director who says "OK" for every single thing. As the buck stops at him, he is entitled to make decisions.

Other note related to movies: It is hard to ignore the high decibel publicity of Omkara by Vishal Bharadwaj. His last movie Maqbool was one of the finest in recent times. But unfortunately it didn't receive much attention on box office. Movie vanished from multiplexes (in Pune) after first week. So, even the niche crowd of multiplex missed the movie. I had to watch the movie in a standalone movie hall. To make matters worse, even the National Awards, which takes enormous pride in appreciating cinema instead of utterly commercialized dozens of bollywood awards, ignored this movie. This time Bharadwaj is hitting the right PR notes to make sure he can afford to work on his next movie. Maqbool was one brilliant effort ignored by almost everybody.

Music of Omkara is ruled by Gulzaar's lyrics and Sukhwinder's title song. Just the way Daler Mehandi's Ru-ba-ru dominated Maqbool. I hope, Omkara comes close to the bar set by Maqbool.

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Just the way Daler Mehandi's Ru-ba-ru dominated Maqbool???
The last line is just about music and not entire movie!
but wasn't that in the amir khan movie?
There was a Ru-ba-ru in Rang De Basanti, but I'm talking about one from Maqbool. You can read the review here or listen to the song here.
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