August 30, 2006


Bloglines broken?

I am not able to read many of the feeds. Bloglines shows a red exclamation mark against bunch of feeds from This thing is happening just too frequently to stay with them.

Go ahead and smirk at me for using such a 2000-ish service. One word - laziness. I guess I'll move over to a better reader soon. Any suggestions other than Google reader?

Hey, I just saw your post on the list of media contacts you received via e-mail. I'm no longer employed with Digit (resigned over a year and a half ago). Can you please take my name off that list? Thank you.
Use Thunderbird. Ver 1.0 has RSS and Blog support

With thunderbird I am stuck to one PC, unless I synchronize both of my workstations - at office and another at home.

Thankfully, Bloglines is again working fine. One more time and I will take my OPML to Thunderbird.
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