August 23, 2006



"Will it be worth 150 bucks?" I knew, this guy doesn't really like animation movies. He was just looking for alibis. This one was the weakest, as I was at the booking counter and he was talking to me over phone. "Dude, are you nuts?" I was about to say. But, it was very uncharacteristic of me to control my sarcasm and give a simple "Yes" as an answer. I love animation movies. But, Pixar movies can be fun to watch even if one is not fond of animation movies.

Cars is another wonderful movie from the ultra-creative folks at Pixar. While it is not the best movie to come from Pixar stable, it nevertheless meets its own bar. After toys and sea life, this movie is set in the world of cars (and a few helicopters and tractors). The cars acquire personalities and have their own idiosyncrasies. These cars even watch animation movies. Pixar's, I may add. The story is fairly fast paced leaving no dull moments. Unlike DreamWorks, my another favourite animation studio, the story and dialogues do not have anything remotely PG13 rated content. And this is no mean achievement as Scott Adams says,
"When you make a movie without sex and violence and car chases and infidelity, it turns out that you have to use actual creativity."
As far as animation was concerned, I wasn't really thrilled as my benchmark is still the beautiful Finding Nemo. Nevertheless, there are bunch of scenes where animation is breathtaking prominent being the picturization racing (reminded me of the chase in Matrix Reloaded) and the visit to the old hotel near a waterfall. The waterfall can easily pass as real one in other movies.

And did I tell you the price of the ticket was just Rs 100?

PS: Number of posts have reduced drastically as my home computer is refuses to remain ON for more than couple of hours, in good times. In bad times, it refuses to boot up. Motherboard went back and forth between me and the technician without much improvement. Looks like my pocket will be lighter by few grands.

I am not sure if it was from Pixar, but "A bug's life" was good too.
Yes. "A Bug's Life" was a Pixar movie.
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