August 24, 2006


Vande Mataram..

There just too much of fuss over Vande Mataram issue. While I accept, singing the song in not the only way to show the solidarity with the country, at least there should not be any opposition to the people who want to sing this song. We need to get the stiffness out of all such national songs, flag and emblems. Rehman's rendition of Vande Mataram was much appreciated. Ironical it may seem, the album featured Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Anyway, I dont' have anything insightful/informative/interesting to say on this topic. Currently I'm enjoying the song on Baapu which uses these words.
O aaja re... O aaja re
Maati pukaare, tujhe desh pukare
Aaja re ab aaja re
Bhule hum raahein
humein raah dikha de
Aaaja re raah dikha de

Ainak pehane, laathi pakade
Chalte the woh shaan se,
Jaalim kaanpe thar thar
Sunkar unka naam re,
Kad tha unka chota sa
Aur sarpat unki chaal re,
Dubale se patale se the woh
Chalte seena taan ke

Bande mein tha dum...Vande Mataram
Bande mein tha dum...Vande Mataram
(Sorry for any transliteration errors.)

Listen to this song from the forthcoming movie Lage Raho Munnabhai. The fun-filled tracks definitely make one expect the movie to be equally vivacious.

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