October 07, 2006


Predictable cacophony in the media

The arrival of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the top-notch celebrity couple, in Pune for their movie shoot has generated huge amount of interest and curiosity. The media which has the tacit mandate to "create" celebrities, Pitt-Jolie in the backyard is a wildest dream coming true. Now, if media just writes about which cars and planes were used to ferry them, the suspense over the choice of hotel (Le Meridien or Taj Blue Diamond?), and other such harmless things, it is OK. But, look at this heady cocktail of imagination and speculation.
Among the top 100 US celebrities on whom Al Qaida terrorists would love to lay their hands on, Brad Pitt is alone worth over $100 million while Angelina earns $16 million per film.
I didn't know that Al Qaeda has top celebrities on its "TODO" list. Geez, thanks for the enlightenment. More...
The entire media and some Papparazi from abroad were caught unawares when a Bombardier aircraft belonging to the Raymonds group quietly landed at Pune's Lohegaon airport at 2.40 pm.
If (Indian) media people show desperation, which is fairly obvious, to get a glimpse of the couple, they are just trying to "cover the story." These people from abroad are the papparazis, not us. And the magnitude of event is so enormous that the Indian media is short of people to cover the story. Well, you always have "citizen journalists" to kick in whenever required.
If you have any pictures or video clips of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Pune then send them to us at citizen@ibnlive.com or write CJ followed by your story and send SMS to 2622 or send MMS to 9873544444.
Journalists, OK? Not those blood-thirsty papparazis. Indian media definitely observes highest ethical standards when it comes to privacy of the rich and famous people.


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