October 10, 2006


Woh Lamhe and some emotional statements about things that bother me

I wasn't even recovered from the shock of RGV's Shiva, I happend to watch Woh Lamhe. Initially I was little skeptic about the Bhatt production as, in recent years, they have churned out the B-grade skin-flicks with saving grace of good Quality Control. But, its pleasantly fresh sound track piqued my curiousity. After getting feel of the topic and couple of reviews, I made up my mind. "It can't be worse than Shiva," I assured myself.

To my astonishment, the movie turned out to be real good cinema. The movie has a slice of Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi's life, which helps strengthen the plot. The sense of maturity is visible in every aspect of the movie. The young actors Kangna and Shiney Ahuja handle the multi-layered roles with ease. The A-grade music blends in the story, and at times leads the story. The lyrics capture the exact mood of the moment by using a larger-than-regular vocabulary. My mild disappointment came when the wonderful track "So jaoon main tum agar mere khwabon mein aao" was missing from the movie. The song could have been easily accommodated, but the director, thankfully and rightly so, was more concerned about the pace of the movie. The final shock was waiting for me when my friend casually mentioned that the director, Mohit Suri, is just 25-years old. That was almost the age when Farhan Akhtar equally brilliant Dil Chahta Hai. But, if I've to pick one person from the entire crew, it would be Kangna. It is her movie.

The common crib among the people with supposedly good-taste for movies is that by and large hindi movies suck. But, when a movie as niche as Woh Lamhe is made with strong disregard to the point of contempt for box-office consideration, the same crowd is vanished in thin air. IMDB is still waiting for 5 votes on this movie. I suppose, just replacing Kangna and Shiney Ahuja with top stars who can act, would have made this movie a phenomenal success.

Till the time we send box-office hits - a mediocre Rang De Basanti or a feel-good and commercial Lage Raho Munnabhai - to the Oscars by ignoring good cinema, our egos will get a hard snub. Why is the directory of Munnabhai so vocal about Gujarat govt not offering tax sops to the movie? If you are making truckload of money, the govt needs to pick up its fair share.

BTW, did anybody see the trailer of Don? "Arre deewano, ab to pehchano, main hoon don" in Shahurkh's voice is sinfully incongrous. Yikes. What RGV did after more than a dozen films, that is to remake a gold standard, Farhan is doing in third movie. RGV is showing all signs of running out of ideas. But Farhan? I mean is so young.

And the trailer of Jaan-E-Mann? Well, somebody should tell these clueless guys that a trailer is a teaser which entices audience to watch the movie. This trailer looked more like epitome of the movie in 3 minutes.

Nevertheless, I'm watching neither of these two. What I'm waiting for is Anurag Kashyap's Black Friday. I saw it in Pune Film Festival in January 2005. The movie didn't see the light of the day due to legal complications. It should be released in a few weeks time. I watched much-acclaimed (in USA) docudrama United 93. Black Friday falls in the same genre, but it is far better and will be far less successful.

Oh... Apparently, the "Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hain" sung by Kay Kay in Woh Lamhe is a rip-off of an Indonesian Song. It is better than dozen copies of Macarena, you have to admit. Heck with originality, I loved the song. Here are videos of both - courtesy YouTube, I mean Google.



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