November 14, 2006



Seven nameless people become part of statistics when a car, driven by youngster under influence, ran over them late in the night in Mumbai. Such incidents are not exactly rare if one checks history of last few years. So, will the culprit be brought to justice? You guess is as good as mine - No. It is not cynicism or pessimism, but the observation from available data points. While most of the reports have pointed out recent cases, one case which probably missed the mention was one involving Puru Rajkumar. It is the only one I strongly remember where judgement was delivered by the courts. Puru's rash driving killed one and another one faced for disability for life. That image of the disabled person sitting in wheel-chair is still fresh in my mind. Puru was acquitted and he paid a sum of Rs 500 (Yes, that was exact sum I had read) as compensation to the disabled person. It would be sad, but not surprising, if all these hit-and-run cases involving powerful, rich and reckless meet the same fate.

The case of Salman Khan is the most curious of these. There was a police constable in the very land cruiser that crushed 2 people to death. The police was mysteriously absconded for a while and changed his statements couple of times and witness turned hostile. He was initially let off cheaply, but after the public furore he was booked for more serious crime. The case is still sub-judice. In the eyes of police force he is a criminal. If that is true, then how does he get an invitation to sing and dance for a function organized by Mumbai Police? Will the case against Salman pursued with equal vigour when he is being so kind with law enforcement agency?

Rich and powerful buying their way cannot be just an Indian phenomenon. But, in India it is just too obvious that you almost every time the mighty go scot-free. Such judgments test the patience of the people who put unquestionable faith in the "system" - judiciary, law enforcement agency, government. And in few cases, people run out of their infinite patience. Case in point - a Nagpur crowd lynched an anti-social element. These are early warnings. If the justice is denied to the helpless people of the society, we can safely expect a civil war in the offing. Only question about such anarchy will be when, and not if.

hey shashikant, thanks for putting this up! have been wanting to write/ do something about it myself.
i have read somewhere that a Pune based NGO has vowed to book the carter road culprits! Maybe we can help them...

lets find that and lets do something...

i am also upset with the media as they take up often staged( TRP led) crusade for the likes of Jessica Lal and Nitish Katara( not that these people do not deserve that attention) but are absolutely mum when it comes to faceless poor people who die because of errant drunk rich drivers!
well,Sashikant Keep it up and all these culprits has to be booked. Anyways do visit my blog as
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