November 09, 2006


Solapur Chaddar in Lakme Fashion Week

Here are some pictures from the designer James Ferreira's collection presented at Lakme Fasion Week. [Images directly linked from More pictures at the end.]

It was an interesting use of Solapur chaddars.

But the local MLA is not very happy with such use of chaddars. (Marathi article in Sakal ) This is what local MLA has to say about this - "Using chaddars as fashion is a new way invented by mone mongering designers. The local textile industry is already suffering due to globalization. Such weird fashion will not help revival of the industry. This is an ugly showcase of commercialization which should be banned." Now, please don't expect me to hand you a prize for guessing the ideology of the MLA. He is a communist and I've my reservations about their understanding of economics.

Having witnessed the downfall of textile industry in Solapur over two decades, I can say a few words with authority. Solapur was famous for entire range of textiles - right from chaddars, bedsheets to the high-end suiting, shirting and saari. Some of the most famous brand in those times (they exist even now) from Bombay used to source their requirement from Solapur, print their name in nice lettering and send it all over the world.

The fundamental problem was labour unions led by the commies. The leaders of these unions were goons who thought their sole purpose in the life was to create ruckus. The underworld in Solapur was fairly active till 90s with gang wars, extortions and alll that. Underworld got involved in the unions and it was a free for all. Management of these mills was exasperated and finally the signs of closing of mills were imminent. The mills which operated in 3 shifts (ie 24x7 in today's jargon), reduced the number of shifts to 2, gave golden handshake to the workers and finally breathed their last in late 90s. The goons also got the cues and they moved to a more lucrative business - politics! In the entire fracas, mill workers were the ones who suffered the most.

Some of the bedsheet, chaddar, towel businesses is still alive, but far away from its past glory. In recent years, they have been hit big time due to power problem. They no longer are cost-competitive and have almost disappered in oblivion. I hope, the industry gets much needed attention with such events. All the best Mr Ferreira!

BTW, most of the chaddars the models are wearing should cost in the range of Rs 200-400.

Communists (atleast in India) have only one theory. Say No and block every development.
nice post. I had no idea that the chaddars are now high fashion!

Btw, we have some of these chaddars at home too! in fact, I have brought one to H'bad :))
good post, good achievment for solapury chaddar
nice work done by the designer!! cheers to solapur somewhere!!
awesome designing, great work, i am from solapur, i have two factories of chaddar and i like this....keep it up......cheers for SOLAPUR.....
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