December 31, 2006



This is the last movie of the year unless I watch "Happy Feet" today.

The theme is remarkably similar to "Crash" or "Magnolia", "Babel" is able to stand on its own. Multiple stories happening across diffrent geographies and culture is the new twist. There is nothing great in plot as such, but the sheer number of novel techniques enhance the overall experience. Not many movies you see where the director is not in a hurry to complete the shot and move to the next after dialogues are complete. The camera lingers on the face of the actors, the mountain, the skyline in Japan with some brilliant score in the background. (Need to find out what string instrument were used.) I couldn't notice any shots with steady camera in any of the scenes. There was time skew in the stories. This skew was also following the timezones, where the future of story in Morrocco is shown in the present of Japan. This doesn't look accidental. When the deaf-mute girl visits a discotheque, the sound switches off whenever the camera gives girl's view. Interesting.

I always put Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in the same category due to their stardom. Now, I must admit that Brad Pitt is a far better actor.

The mild disappointment came when movie ended as I was craving for. Nevertheless, a great note to end the year on.

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