December 20, 2006


India Today Book Club Offer

You can choose 8 books or CDs for Rs 600 (approx) and you'll receive the membership of India Today Book Club for one year (for whatever it is worth). The list of books and CDs available on offer are here. The reason I was attracted to this offer is the "The Elements" and "Soundscapes" music albums.

Use the passcode
to avail this offer.

PS: This is not some pyramid scheme from which I'm getting a cut.

[Update on 24th Jan] : 5 days back I received a reply from the regretting the delay in dispatch. Again, that line went dead. A comment on this blog indicates they have dispatched to some orders, but still the quality problem persists. The reply I received was from shashi [dot] chandriyal [at] indiatodaybookclub [dot] com. You can send the mail to same address.

Did you recieve the stuff ?
Yesterday, I received following message from them. Will put update when I receive it.
Date: Jan 4, 2007 5:56 PM

Dear Sir/Madam,

We thank you for your orders. Due to an overwhelming response to our offer, there is a delay in dispatching your orders as promised.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. You will receive your orders in the next 10 days.

Looking forward to your continued patronage and support.

Warm regards,
India Today Book Club

Interstingly enough I also recieved the same message.

Even though I have been already charged for the same.

They have not been able to dispatch to anybody at all by the looks of it.
Since the offer was too good to belive, I opted for Cash-on-Delivery mode. That way, I am being spared of those anxious moments.
I had also placed order through the net(IRTC promotion mail). The order was placed on 17the Dec 2006. Till now I have not received any CDs.
Are they taking people for a ride ?
I had placed the order on 12th Dec 2006 and paid the amount thru credit card. Still waiting for my stuff.
And I haven't recieved any response from them even after sending three mails to
I've also sent a mail today. Let's see if they reply to that.
Kya Chal Raha hai Bhai Log...
No Updates till now....
yeh log CDs bhejenge ya nahin ...
still waiting .... no luck yet ...
Atlast Y'day I received items.... But it seems they messed up things... Instead of total 8 CD/Book's, they sent me only 6 items.. I sent a mail to them regarding missing two items... But no response from them yet..... I don't know what kind of customer support they have....They should have sent me atleast acknowledement of my mail
Finally ....I got my stuff...just a couple of seconds back...
And thank God...its exactly same as what I ordered...
I got the offer from Spice jet, following that, I had ordered for 6 books and 2 CDs on 22 March 2007. I havent heard from them since then. two of my mails requesting for the status were not responded.
I wonder if this is some kind of a joke.
Would appreciate if someone from the India today book club responds.
I placed the order through regular mail and also paid upfront. I have received only 4 books plus 1 bonus CD. I have emailed them thrice and called them several times -- no response as yet. Wish I had chosen the "Cash-on-Delivery" method.:(
I place order around 21st April 2007.
There has been no response.
I donot think these guys are serious.
be careful! i booked books and cds in the month of May 2007. received the confirmation of the payment. however till date i have not received the books. not even a reply to repeated reminders. however i received a vpp. as i was expecting something else i received it after paying Rs. 500. to my surprise it was 3 books from the same book club which i never asked for. i am taking up the case with consumer court
I have placed order through the net(IRTC promotion mail) & paid thro' Credit Card & they have also confirmed the recipt of payment. The order was placed on 16th.Sep.'07. Till now I have not received any CDs even though they have promised delivery from 2-3 weeks.They don't respond to the mails also.My Order id is MITBC-WEB-447003.I don't know what is happening & when they will deliver the CDs.
So any luck yet Shashi?

I placed my order again with them. (I opted for Cash-on-Delivery.) They sent me the CDs.

My general observation is, they are too slow in responding, if at all they respond. You may also choose CoD and forget about it.
well, that's what i've done. thanks for the reply man. cheers.
for all of you who have paind money... you are a F****ng idiot.
how do you expect some one to give such offers???
dont you have brains to think?

search more about "419 scam" on google.
I had bought many books and CDs from India Today Book Club. I like the fact that their customer care is very helpful. For any kind of information one can usually dial their customer care number at 011-40502424 or by sending an email at
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