December 21, 2006


Someday, I should exercise my right to remain silent

When you think, things can't go any worse, they suddenly do. Few months back, I criticized the password policy of ICICIDirect. A not-so-smart trick of maintaining two passwords was suggested in that post. Well, somehow NSE folks (those who put in this policy in place first) learned this secret and they have modified the policy as follows - in verbatim.
You will have to change your password compulsorily every 14 calendar days.
  • On login after the 14th day from your previous change of password, you will be taken to the "Change Password" screen.
  • The New password cannot be the same as the immediate previous password. (IMPORTANT EXAMPLE: abcd1234 is your password for Jan 1- Jan 14, your password from Jan 15th to Jan 28th can be wxyz4321. From Jan 29th to Feb 10th your password can again be abcd1234.)
Hmm. Now I've to keep 3 passwords. Oops. I shouldn't have given out my new secret. I just hope this doesn't get as bad as another bank which insists that you can't repeat any of the last 10 passwords. Ten.

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