January 10, 2007


iPhone, Hype and Solving Real Problem

Apple's iPhone has generated the buzz which is difficult to match even with a marketing budget of a billion dollar. The excitement is understandable given their blockbuster product, iPod.

I don't share the excitement of millions of others as the record of people predicting future is dismal. In 2001, the slashdot crowd did not really see any future for iPod, but it went on to redefine the consumer electronics. They made gadgets look beautiful. (OK, Slashdot is just a forum of geeks, but still.) Now the same crowd is predicting this - "They (Apple) are going to print money with this thing."

With hindsight wisdom, everybody has an IQ of 180 (or much higher, if you are already there). I am not skeptical about iPhone, but would rather wait for the euphoria to settle down, feel the device and then make a call (pun unintended) on that. What is clearly laudable is the courage shown by Apple to build a product which will potentially cannibalize iPod. Let's see if Apple, rather rock star Steve Jobs, makes justice to the hype.

BTW, I hope they provide a stylus with it, as typing with a thumb on QWERTY keyboard displayed on that small screen is painful.

On the other hand, I am really excited about the idea of wireless power charger. They are solving one heck of a real problem. When yours is the unique laptop (of some brand called eMachines) and everybody else has Compaqs and Acers, it is very unplesant to forget your laptop charger at home. There are no standards for power charges, is the first problem. And secondly, when your office is as spacious as, pardon the hyperbole, Dadar station at peak hour, wires just have nuisance value. Last time, I tripped on a laptop power cable was 2 hours ago. (Apple has solved this problem by having a magnetic end connecting to the laptop so that tripping on wire doesn't bring down your laptop.) With explosion of such small devices, contrary to the convergence wisdom, the world is craving for such charger.

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