February 14, 2007


Black Friday

As expected, Black Friday has received rave reviews from all sorts of critics. I guess, in recent times only Lago Raho Munnabhai has managed to achieve that feat. You can read review by Bharadwaj Rangan, my favourite critic in recent times. The only difference between this movie and Lago Raho... is that Lago Raho... minted money at box office, which, I am afraid, Black Friday won't be able to replicate.

Earlier I watched this movie in Jan 2005 at Pune International Film Festival. It took almost 2 years for it to release. At that time, censor board had given their go-ahead, but the accused (now convicts) got a stay from Court. I was in for a mild disappointment when I figured out that the latest release has been edited, probably because of political correctness. And, what's the business of beeping out MC, BC cuss-words (and keeping C-word) when the movie has already been given 'A' certificate? Nevertheless, these are utterly trivial cribs.
[Update: According to Anurag Kashyap, many of the cuts were due to demand of exhibitors for shorter film.]

For me, it takes some time to really appreciate the beauty of truly great movie. Black Friday is no exception. I have a special respect for 3 movies of recent times - Satya, Dil Chahta Hain and Maqbool. Black Friday is the newest entrant to this club. Hats off to you, Anurag Kashyap! And of the three principal characters, Aditya Shrivastav's Badshah Khan is most brilliant.
[Update: Interview of real Badshah Khan.]

Now, as Anurag has got his first movie released, he can take a well-deserved break from calling names. If you are an iconoclast, show it with your work and not sound bites. This is what RGV and Aamir Khan do. They make their point by not attending trashy award functions (where "Bidi Jalai le.." gets nomination/award for lyrics ahead of many other gems of Gulzaar Saab). And not by writing trukload of material for controversy-loving media.

Enough on Black Friday. Move to RGV's Nishabd. The promo of Nishabd says "He is 60. She is 18. Some love stories are never meant to be understood." RGV has also decided to play it safe by making 14-year old Lolita to 18-year old whoever. May be he doesn't want "The B" to be branded paedophile on the screen. Then, keeping things legal, the punch line "He is 61, She is 16" would have been a lot catchy given the age of consent in India is 16. (Isn't it weird that one can indulge in physical relationship at 16, choose who will misrule them at 18, get married at 18(girl) or 21(boy), but not allowed to drink beer and alcoholic drinks till 21?)

A friend of mine, a true movie buff, is grossly disappointed as The Prestige did not receive a single Academy nomination. I share his grief as it was in my top films of 2006 list. The Departed, another personal favourite, managed to get just a consolation nomination of "Best Director" for Scorsese. Hmm.... the TODO list is quite long.

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February 07, 2007


Price pattern on the listing day

Few days back I wrote about Cairn's debut and my theory that, on the listing day the highest price is seen in the first few minutes. Here is another example of the same. Akruti Nirman Ltd, IPO of
which was over-subscribed 81 times, listed today and here are relevant charts.

(Due to some problem with blogger.com, I cannot see the embedded image with img tag. You need to click on the hyperlinks to see the images.)

Charts from BSE and NSE

Price & Volume information from BSE and NSE

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