March 21, 2007


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An event from my previous employer has made it to Dilbert, albeit little late.

26th August, 2004: No Email Fridays at Veritas

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March 05, 2007


Awards and missed blog entries

79th Oscars are over there and 52nd Filmfare here (and a dozen clones of it). There is hardly anything common in these two ceremonies except that they hand over statuettes to people related to movies.

I was glad to see 'The Departed' winning a few trophies, the biggest disappointment came when 'Happy Feet' won over 'Cars' (my post). I mean, how can they do it? If somebody is going to take a morcha against this atrocity, count me in as a sponsor for all the banners. This is rubbing salt on the injury of not having 'The Prestige' in the top awards list.

Once again, many Indian film personalities arrogantly repeated 'Oscars-don't-matter' tune. I have only one word to describe this attitude - losers. Let's win a dozen nominations, a couple of them converted to winners and then say that. It would sound a lot better in that case. For the record, two Mexican directors got 13 nomination for their movies.

And that brings me to our local awards. The purpose of these functions seems to be entertainment rather than honouring excellence in cinema. Ok. We have National Awards for cinema. Filmfare should at least try to bring out the best of Bollywood (a subset of Indian Cinema.) But, no. The awards stink of massaging few egos, who will return the favour in kind to powers-that-be. A brilliant Kangana Ranaut in Gangster and Woh Lamhe has to be happy with Best Debut when she was clearly contender for 'Best Actor(Femal)' ahead of expressionless Bipasha Basu, unbearable Kareena Kapoor and probably Aishwarya Rai (I haven't seen Dhoom 2, but know the limitations of her face muscles.)

And people like Vidhu Vinod Chopra don't help the business either. This talented director relies heavily on who's who of the industry as cast and Rolls Royce publicity stunt to push his otherwise OKish Eklavya as modern classic. And to top that he claims that film didn't do well in tier-2/3 cities as they don't have a good audio system to do justice to the technical brilliance. Give us a break, dude.

So, after contemplating for a while here is my acid test for truly good cinema. If a movie can stand on its own without the crutches of celebrities, it is a good movie. The corollary being if the script is strong enough, any bunch of talented artists, not celebrities, will put together a great show. May be the folks who make movies with big budgets take cue from Hollywood, who are ready to pay $2 million (approx Rs 9 Crores) for the rights of 'Shantaram'. And, if I go by the junta at Passion For Cinema, there are a bunch talented writers waiting for their big break.

Here is a quick updates recent movies.

Eklavya : 7/10
Pan's Labyrinth : 8/10
Gangster (2006): 8/10
Amores Perros (2000) : 8/10 (From the director of 'Babel')

'Nishabd' and 'The Last King of Scotland' to follow.

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