May 14, 2007


Chasm between Operations and Marketing

My post on India Today Book club offer continues to comments from all those who are upset with India Today's lousy service (excessive delay in delivery, delivery in broken condition, etc.) My own order is undelivered yet, but I'm not so pissed off. The offer sounded too good to be true, hence I opted for Cash-on-Delivery. Hence the lack of heartache. While, I have not received the CDs, my (free) subscription for India Today Book Club has been activated and I get monthly updates. (They are useless, though, as they can hardly beat Strand Book Stall.)

But, what surprises me the most is the fact that I again received same offer in the mailer. They did an exceptionally mediocre job while executing the previous offer, but the marketing team continues to be oblivious of that and continues to push the offer again. This clearly indicates that the organization working as a bunch of silos, where the inter-department communication is not existent. This results into is losing potential customers with indifferent first-time experience. eg Marketing folks think it is cool to send the cheque of unsolicited loan to the customer and then start the interest cycle when they actually en cash. If the cheque bounces, customers are pissed off. On the other hand, if the glitch in the operation can cause the entire amount to just vanish out of bank's account. Another such aggressive marketing fiasco was the Big Bazaar's offer last year.

PS: I've again ordered the stuff to see if I get lucky this time.

Update on 20th June: Finally, I received it! In the email, they attributed the dealy to "flood of orders" and "shifting of warehouse and backend operation".

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