May 22, 2007


Random idea

Flickr lets you explore the geo-tagged pictures on the world map. The only problem is you can only see the photos which have been tagged by users with location. That is too much of an effort, especially when you want to tag it with high precision (e.g. the Chinese Restaurant you visited in the town) as it requires zoom to highest level to add.

There can be an easy solution. The cameras already put some metadata (date taken, camera settings, etc) in the photos. Now, if cameras are equipped with GPS, they can also put the lat-long. Then the precise location can be figured out and geo-tagged. Minor problem is the lat-long is of the camera and not the object/people in the photo. But, I suppose, that can be derived from the tech specs of the lens and current zoom settings.


I guess Cameras GPS setting should be fine enough as it wont matter as much. Secondly it wont be possible to get exact coordinates with zoom setting also unless you also know the direction in which the photo is shot.
The GPS in camera would fail for cases such as these. A small compass should do the trick for direction.
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