July 31, 2007


And they want us to take media seriously.

Quick questions. What is the quantum of punishment for Sanjay Dutt? How many convicts have been awarded capital punishment in "93 Bombay Blast case"?

Never mind if you could get the answer for first and not second.

It's not our fault if the media uses its celebrity obsessed discretion to highlight the issues in exactly opposite priority. Since the trial came in the last phase a year back, I always wished Sanjay Dutt was not involved in the whole matter. Or he should have gone into oblivion like some of the star kids instead of riding popularity wave with Munnabhai series. For, his presence in the case has diluted the seriousness of the issue. If not for him, media would have never come up with headlines like "Only Munna not Bhai, court says."

In India, you don't hear court handing out death sentence often, like some other countries. In this case, 12 convicts were given death sentence, the highest number in India to the date. That should have evoked some serious debate in the media. But, media seems to have assumed that the government has done a fine job to bring the guilty to the book. It would rather concentrate on the impact of Dutt's sentence on entertainment industry.

Media is missing the important issue. The failure of Govt to protect its citizens after 1993 is just too scary. Govt has shown equal incompetence in solving other terrorism cases. The threat of naxalites is grossly understated. Instead of highlighting the unpardonable lapses of Govt media is talking about the attire of Sanjay Dutt on the judgment day. Shame on you, media!



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