July 02, 2007


Thought recorder

My brain is a stubborn thing. It tends to remember bunch of useless trivia, like I need to locate my chequebook, but manages to forget some cool ideas such as finding out how the rest of the world successfully handles 70mm rains.

What I really want is a thought recorder. Kind of voice recorder, but only that I don't want to speak as I will look stupid talking on such inane subjects to myself on a crowded railway station. It should also have minor features like adding tags, sorting chronologically or by tags, etc. Since, carrying too many (two) devices is uncool, it should be available in the cellphone itself. It would be nice if they invent something like ToIP (Thought over IP) where I can transmit my thoughts to my personal thought-box which I can playback at leisure.

The potential of such service/device is limitless. I can think of an entire post while pretending to listen diligently at a meeting. Or compose a nasty reply to the current flame war with friends. Or make a quick note of adding a long forgotten person to the social network.

Now, where was I before coming to this blogging window?

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