August 29, 2007


Are nukes the only solution?

On my previous post about India's moronic response on acts of terrorism got a comment - "So what do you propose?? We start nuking those foreign hands??"

Since the commentator is anonymous, I don't have any clue about him/her. But from the tone of the message, my gut feel senses this person's close proximity to the top leaders of Iran and North Korea. "Got a problem? Let's nuke."

We've already had two nukes in last century, and I believe, it is two too many for one civilization.

To put the matter straight, I was/am not proposing a solution. That is not my expertise. My intention is to think loud about the problem. The problem which our leadership wants to believe is non-existent. The problem which is corroding the social fabric of the nation. The problem which claims the innocent lives. The problem which doesn't let citizens of this country sleep with peace.

Check the list of terrorist attacks in India and then try figuring it out how many of them have been solved with guilty brought to the justice. The incompetence of the Govt can't be more evident when terrorists don't have to invent new weapons and techniques. Check how the one-third of the country has been affected by Naxalism. Check how North-East is burning. And, of course, Kashmir.

If Govt is not able to protect right to life, the most fundamental one I believe, then what's the purpose of having a Govt. We may as well have a dictatorship or an anarchy.

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I am back!!

No Doubt, We have lots of problems related to Terrorism. And I think even the Govt and Indians know who is after all this.

We cannot just go after that nation like what US has done to IRAQ. Not bcoz we can't do it. But only bcoz that not a solution to our problem.

Crime/Terrorism increases not bcoz all those people have gone crazy.

It does because people do not get enough opurtunities to make money and have a decent living.

They feel that once they start making fast money by invoke terrorism they would be able to bring a revolution.

Everyone thinks they are part of a Robin Hood Team.

I think as opurtunities for making money increases through nominal means. Crime rate should go down.

This is one of the control points.

Also if you are looking at simple statistics of how many terrorist attacks have been succesfully executed.

Then you also need to look at how many were avoided. I don't think these statistic are fully disclosed and do not hit the popular list on newspapers.

As far as I remember India has the 3rd largest Army in the World. If needed India can built its own WALL of INDIA.

But I think we still have lots of other issues to resolve. There is no such Pills developed to kill Terrorism or CRIME.

All we can try is to bring in more oppurtunities for a common man to make his decent living. And try to change the attitude of those people.

"Paisa!! Pyajama ka nada khol ke bhi kama ja sakta hai aur kissi ka khun karke bhi".

We need to change their attitude and try to attack their pain points.

Once they understand that its not so dificult to make a living with some hard work and dedication.

They may change and next generation of Terrorism/Crime may be stopped.
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