August 28, 2007


Cry baby

One more blast claims many innocent lives. And Govt response is outrageously stereotypical - "This is a handiwork of cross-border terrorism."

For once, can we please stop blaming the rogues from neighbouring country? If they are able to carry out their activities with such an alarming regularity and ease, it highlights serious security lapses by the Govt, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. It is the Govt's failure realize the Himalayan proportion of the security problem. The Govt representatives should tattoo "We are incompetent idiots" on their foreheads when they conduct a press conference to enlighten us about the "foreign hand" behind such gruesome act.

Ironically, we don't miss a single opportunity to call ourselves next superpower at jamborees like World Economic Forum at Davos .In the light of that, we look like a bunch of losers when we blame others for terrorism. It's our freakin' problem and we have to fix it. Begging to US to scold neighbour for its support to terrorism just diminishes our dignity, if there is any left.

So what do you propose?? We start nuking those foreign hands??

Also by improving security what do you mean?? Remember 9/11?? USA is a lot more advance if they were not able to do it with all the technological advancement. How are we suppose to do it without even a SSN number for identification.

The best security is the Central Jail. Its a MAXIMUM SECURITY and can possibly sustain most of the attacks.

May be we can built a GREAT Wall of INDIA around INDIA. and bring all the military people inside INDIA instead of keep them at the borders and declare a curfew.. :)
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