August 30, 2007




Statutory disclaimer about my love for animation movies applies.

I love Ratatouille. I love Pixar. I love Ramy. Brad Bird? Oh, I love Brad Bird.

There are great movies and there are movies which survive the test of time. Here is the movie which will easily mesmerize the cine lovers even after 50 years. (Come back in 2057, and check it out, if don't trust me.) This movie is distinctly better than the colourful and vivid Finding Nemo, one of most favourite animation films and benchmark for excellence. Of course, only Pixar guys could pull off a Sergei Bubka - improving own record. Pixar epitomize one of the Google's philosophy - "Great just isn't good enough." If iPhone were to be announced in 2008, instead of Nemo, you could have found Ramy on all the promotional material.

The great feast of Ratatouille, was topped with an exquisite dessert, not appetizer as Baradwaj Rangan says, of short film - "Lifted".

Oh, I loved Ego, the food critic, who wrote killer reviews sitting in a coffin-shaped office!

The ulterior motive of this post, if you haven't got it already, is to induce you to watch the movie and give Pixar opportunity to do a Sergei Bubka. I have watched the movie. Twice. On the same day. And if 2 guys watch the movie based on my recommendation, that is a whole 40% of my readership.

Image taken from NYT.

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