September 06, 2007



A lot is being discussed about monitoring internet traffic in India. I, for one, am under no illusion that currently there is no monitoring at all in India. (Though, I find idea of key-logger utterly creepy.)

I have seen development of a network traffic monitoring tool. And as written in the abstract below, it is meant for law enforcement agencies. This more than 5 years back, and to the best of my knowledge it was improved in subsequent releases. Here is the original thesis. From the abstract
The extensive use of computers and networks for exchange of information has also had ramifiations on the growth and spread of crime through their use. Law enforcement agencies need to keep up with the emerging trends in these areas for crime detection and prevention. Among the several needs of such agencies is the need to monitor, detect and analyze undesirable network traffic. However, the monitoring, detecting, and analysis of this traffic may be against the goal of maintaining privacy of individuals whose network communications are being monitored.

PS: Running short of time, so no insightful wisdom on the topic. And there is enough out there already.

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