September 13, 2007


Sania Mirza and IRCTC

My unhappiness on the amount of attention and awards showered on Sania Mirza just gets worse when she performs badly and then goes on defending that.

"I don't want to be too greedy. For this reason, I am not setting targets in terms of achieving any rankings." She is currently ranked at World No. 27. I don't think world has time to remember semi-final losers, let alone somebody who had hit a career high rank of 20s. (Read more on such quotes soaked in infinite wisdom here.)

This girl hogs disproportionately copious amount of limelight when she doesn't boast any performance in recent past worth admiration.

irctc-compatibility Switch to IRCTC. They launched the new website few days back and it failed miserably with Firefox. The footer was appearing at the top of the page and the text boxes just refused to accept any data. They fixed it recently and now boast that their website works on Mozilla, Netscape and Safari. This is like Bajaj launching a bike and proclaiming that it works on petrol from not just IOC, but BPCL, HPCL also. And, excuse me, but I haven't seen anybody, using Netscape in last 5 years. Even 5 years ago, the only place I saw that software was on Solaris boxes. Bossman has written code for that browser a decade back and even he doesn't use it. So, what's the point of such ridiculous claim?


So, what's the common between Sania and IRCTC? At one level both of them have achieved something remarkable. Sania has made a name for herself in Indian tennis arena. And IRCTC has clearly made train reservation a much swift and pleasant experience. But at the other level, they think their current achievements are the final frontiers of excellence. And that keeps them away from trying harder.

If Sania's attitude towards game continues like to be this, mediocrity will take her popularity down faster. And, she will disappear in oblivion when media finds next Rakhi Sawant or Mallika Sherawat. Oh, wait, she might get a role opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

Nobody cares for Firefox my friend.

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