December 09, 2007


We need ToIP

Once we have ToIP (Thought over IP), we can have cool apps like this and this (thought recorder) and many more.

If I were not this lazy, I would have written RFC for ToIP myself instead of waiting for the world to take a note of my brilliant idea. If.


Et tu, Professor?

"Bright people at a very young age, before they are even 20, think of IT as an option because they can make quick money. Lots of intelligent people are doing jobs that are much below their intellectual capabilities. They are like coolies who are working for wages and not producing great intellectual material."

Says CNR Rao, world-renowned solid state and materials chemist, and Chairman, Science Advisory Council to the Prime Minister. Apparently, he is also India's hope for next Nobel in science. This simply drives home the point I made earlier - "We don't believe in the dignity of work".

Asides, the cover story is crap. Easily, one of the worst Outlook has ever published.

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