January 30, 2008


I said exactly the same thing.

It's not a regular phenomenon that one-off topic you chose to blog is seen on slashdot after few months. Apologies for such a gratuitous post whose sole purpose is to earn some You-Heard-It-Here-First bragging rights.

My post on 10th October, 2007: "The most expensive data service in India is SMS, especially to the short-code services. To send less than 160 characters to a premium short-code service, you pay Rs 3. That is Rs 19,659 per MB..."

Slashdot Story on 29th January, 2008: "This article does the math and concludes that, for example, sending an amount of data that would cost $1 from your ISP would cost over $61 million if you were to send it over SMS."

So, yeah, telcos are uniformly ripping the consumers across the globe. Thankfully, we are little better-off in India, there is no charge for incoming SMS. Otherwise, services like SMS Gupshup or Vakow would have found it tough to exist.

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