February 19, 2008


So much for originality

Bloggers, by and large, have a code of conduct for attribution. All the sources are generally given link love in the posts. But, what I saw today is little surprising.

In a comment, on Basab's blog, Krishna wrote
It looks lot less scam now. The Web 2.0 geeks built their *Velcro business models* tried putting everything in the cloud and on open-source stack and raved about the freedom from vendor lock-in, while locking their own users in. It took a while to dawn on the users - You need to sweat out to get out.
5 days before that comment, FSJ wrote,
So here's the racket. All these Web 2.0 guys built their businesses on open-source software like the LAMP stack and all went around raving about the wonders of open source and how great it is that there's no vendor lock-in -- and then they set about locking their own users in.... At Google they call this the "Velcro business model," meaning you can, in theory, get yourself unstuck, but it takes some effort.
So, you read one the most prolific blog, "internalize" the thoughts, and them spew them out as your own comment on some other well-known blog. And pray that nobody else reads both the blogs. Cute!

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