March 06, 2008


India Today folks, Please stop this nonsense.

The over-enthusiastic marketing team of India Today and India Today Book Club is source of annoyance and mild entertainment. In the past, I have highlighted their inability to timely execute on the promises made.

Supposedly, I'm in the final stage of a contest, with a bounty of Rs 15 Lac. The minor problem is I have never entered in such contest. On the contest page, I'm supposed to answer the amount of bounty to enter into the contest. Folks, why don't you just ask if my IQ is lower than the temperature (in degree celsius) in Mumbai.


Then, again, they promise some goodies such as books, (wonderful) CDs, Adidas bag, etc. provided I become member of the India Today Book Club. After that they start sending you 3 (useless) books every quarter at a "special" prize of Rs 500. While, I have already confessed that I'm an illiterate when it comes to books, these books seem useful only for chana-walas to make the cones.

But, hey, the subject and content of the email don't match. In the body of the email they offer some diary (again for chanawala, I guess.)

Oops. Somebody realized they sent the wrong mail, so they send another one with the right content after 4 hours. Go ahead, spam my 6 GB mailbox, baby.

Seriously, I have never seen such a high-decibel noise to publicize mediocrity.

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