March 01, 2008


Webaroo 2 : Download YouTube videos. And do more.

Shiny disclosure at the end.

YouTube is an extremely addictive service. You can spend hours together watching hundreds of videos without an iota of boredom and still you may not have watched 0.00001% of the interesting videos on YouTube. But, the things which can steal the fun are lousy bandwidth, flaky connection or worse, no connectivity at all. The way YouTube added the asynchronous dimension to TV, an extra layer of this asynchronous behaviour is necessary - ability to watch those videos without worrying about connectivity. Now add the twist of RSS-like functionality to this which means, you will come to know as and when videos of your interest are uploaded, instead of you visiting the website and checking for the availability of new content.

Currently, there are download solutions, but

Webaroo 2 addresses these major problems. How?
Also, a browser plugin for IE and Firefox, part of the same software installation, will sense you are watching a flash video and prompt you to save the same. So, you don't need to switch the view to save currently playing video. This works for any site hosting flash videos. This takes YouTube addiction to whole new level.

And More.

Webaroo 2 can also do lots of other things. Each of these is a separate feature and deserves a separate post. Nevertheless, I'll commit the crime of giving epitome.
Give it a whirl. Beware, it can be a serious time sink in a pleasant way.

Some Screenshots:

Disclosure: I worked with the company till few months ago.

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