March 25, 2008


WordWeb : Pay up if you are "rich"

WordWeb is an essential utility to look up words quickly. Highlight a word and press Ctrl-Alt-W - Yes, you can change this short-key - to see the meaning of the word. Very neat. Today, it suddenly popped up a window informing me that my trial period is over (or something to that effect) and asked me to answer a question. My eyes and hands are nicely co-ordinated for such nuisance type activity, and not a single grey cell is involved in answering the question. Ouch. It said, I can no longer use the free software as I apparently said, I am "rich". Careful reading revealed that there was a question about number of flights I took last year and I had picked "more than 2" option. Come on, guys, this is cheating. I don't read EULA. Ever. I don't know anybody doing the same. Anyway, I just needed to reinstall it and next time, hands will pick "poor" option - which, unfortunately, is a sad truth - with reflex action.


i love wordweb
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